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The Best Dorm Room Style Picks for Back To School

I walked to our community mail box yesterday and I could smell it. To me, back to school has a smell. It’s when the summer is ripe, the heat is still constant and lovely, but the winds change ever so slightly, bringing with them the scent of notebooks, HB pencils, zippers on new back packs and the squeak of new sneakers.


If I were going back to school now, I’d probably have to be restrained from buying all the things. In university, I lived in an all-girls dorm for four years.  Every year, I’d tweak my room to add some sort of fun element. I had bright, colour-blocked jersey sheets that coordinated with my throw pillows (so my third style board is TOTALLY inspired by me!) I’d deck out my bulletin boards with fabric and paint. I always had something quirky hanging out amidst my text books – just for sake of design. I guess even 16 years ago, I was a budding DIYer 😉

And here you go… me circa 2002, in my dorm room…doing my best ‘big Jo-Lo hat’ with Reese Witherspoon ‘too long faux pearls’ look. EEEK 😛197410_1004625670162_9317_n

(Also, please don’t tell anyone I was in university 16 years ago… I like maintaining the allure that I’m 29… forever. 29 forever, k?)

I think dorms should be a chance to embrace the ‘outlandish’ and really play up your personal style. You’ll never have a better opportunity or chance to really pack your personality into one small space again!

Here’s what I would do if 29-year old me was to go back to school and deck out a dorm!How to Have The BEST Dorm Room Style


Do you watch the show Girls? I watched the first season. It was okay. I found I was more drawn to analyzing their rooms than actually watching the show! Anyway, this boho-modern vibe is definitely inspired by that inner-city student. The urbanite who likes to throw a bunch of textures together to see where they land. Also – mini fridges.

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Think of this as Carrie Bradshaw meets Princess Diaries. Focused, determined, but soft and cozy all at the same time. This style is unabashedly feminine, but practical and easily adapted. Plus, kitty cats… You’ll see what I mean 😉

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This was SO MY JAM when I was in school. I think it’s actually where I lost all fear of mixing pattern and bright colours all in one place! If you’re looking to replicate the apartment (or office!) of Dr. Mindy … then this is your jam too! (PS. I can’t get enough of The Mindy Project. That show cracks me up!)

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How to Have the Best Dorm Room EVER

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Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

I swear you haven't aged a bit in 14 years LOL

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