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The Best Way to Organize Table Linens

The Christmas dinner party season is either half way over or just beginning for some people. We didn’t host anyone at our place for Christmas, but my family is flying in for New Years this time.

The Best Way to Organize Table Linens

Yes! We’re tackling things like table cloths, seasonal tea towels, special drapes, pillow shams and table runners. I know, you’re like – girrrrl? What? But trust me. When these types of textiles are organized, your holiday season will run more smoothly AND your cupboards will stay more tidy throughout the year.How to Organize Table Linens so you Actually Use Them!

Back in the day, I’d come home for Christmas, and my Mom would always give me the job of ironing all the place settings. Oy. It was a brutal job because, most of the time, they’d been washed the year prior and shoved into a linen cupboard and were SUPER wrinkled.

When I was little, my Nana taught me to love ironing…and spray starch.

So, today’s post is inspired by my KonMari experience (which you can read all about here), my Mom and Nana. I’ve blended all three to come up with the best way to organize your table linens.

Here’s how you organize table linens!

First things first, purge and get rid of linens that are ripped, stained beyond saving or that you just don’t like. I whittled my collection down to a few key pieces. Then wash them all on a gentle cycle and a low-heat tumble dry. Wash all linens before sorting

From here, SORT your linens not according to type, but according to SEASON. It makes much more sense to have all your Fall inspiration in one place versus all your table runners in one place. I used to have a drawer full of table runners and I always ended up using the one on top.

Stop that.

Sort according to season and you’ll be better off and you’ll use your pretty things more often. (In the background you can see my Organized Wrapping Paper station coming to life!)Make piles of your linens based on season Pile clean linens according to season

I sorted right on my ironing board, because you guessed it – that’s the next step.

Trust me, once you get rid of what you don’t like and only have a few key pieces per season, the ironing step should take you no more than 30 minutes.

And I HIGHLY recommend using spray starch to get all the wrinkles out. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally OBSESSED with Spray Starch. It smells fresh, enhances the clean laundry smell of your things and is amazing at making your iron work harder to get all those creases out. LOVE IT.

Now that you’ve ironed, FOLD your linens as tightly as they’ll allow and stack them according to season with the largest elements on the bottom. For me, it was the drapery. But it may be a large table cloth or chair slipcovers or something.

The point is – big stuff on the bottom. Fold and pile based on season How to organize holiday table linens

Folding is a big deal in KonMari. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I do it properly. I just folded things until they look tidy and fit into neat little piles.Fold Linens with KonMari to stay organized

If you’re okay with this, you can stop here. But if you’re like I am and easily forget what’s what and what you own, then you might want to take 10 more minutes to complete the final step – labeling and bundling. Categorize and label seasonal linens

With leftover yarn, ribbon and twine, I bundled all my seasons into neat little packages. And then I used simple cut up pieces of note paper to list all the items in each bundle. Tie each season together in a bundle of linens

I’ll know if I’m missing any crucial pieces when I go to wash and re-store them at the end of the season and it also alerts me to which seasons might need a few more items! My fall stash is a bit sad 😉Add labels and lists to linen collections

These bundles fit perfectly into my storage and linen cupboards and now I feel totally prepared (at least for the next year!) of seasonal decorating!


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Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

This is one of my many projects in the coming weeks. I have already sorted/ wash/ ironed and now to do the bundles. I do mine by color as I don't have seasonal linens. Just red... blue... and lots of white.

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