The Creative Team

Please extend the warmest of welcomes to the DIY Passion Creative Team! I’ve handpicked three (okay, actually four!) awesome Canadian bloggers from the DIY and Home Decor space to regularly share their projects and inspiration with you.

Each Wednesday you will be treated to awesome decor and crafty content submitted by one of the team members. Get to know them a little better, follow them on social and watch for posts with Creative Team in the title! 🙂


Meet Darlene of Paper Rose 

At Paper Rose, Darlene gives you inspiring DIYs to create a more beautiful life; for you and your home.

​Whether it’s sewing a hem or sanding a reclaimed piece of wood, Darlene finds beauty in the minute and the mundane.
Spending her time re-purposing treasures comes from thrift store shopping as a kid and
hunting for that special “one of a kind” piece.  Being raised by a thrifty, artistic mother who
made bread and clothes from scratch gave Darlene a strong work ethic and keen sense of value in everything created by one’s hands.  She learned to sew on a machine by age five and this soon followed with the love of embroidery, baking, and gardening skills.
Over the years Darlene has continued to create beauty through writing, photography, makeup artistry and most recently watercolours and hand lettering.
Darlene began her blogging journey to bring together all of her creative talents under one
banner. Teaching others to create fresh, pretty pieces for their home is her passion.

Paper Rose FACEBOOK // Paper Rose  INSTAGRAM // Paper Rose PINTEREST

Meet Lidia of Design Inside The Box

Well hello there! My name is Lidia and I blog at “Design Inside the Box”, a blog about adding function and style into any space, big or small! I’m THRILLED to be a part of Erin’s Creative Team at DIY Passion and I wanted to tell you a little about myself! I made a list 🙂
1. I like lists. 🙂
2. I’m an introvert/extrovert – I love chatting and meeting new people but it also terrifies
me at the same time. (Does that make any sense?)
3. I’m a math person. I hold a theoretical math degree BUT my passion is design. (Some say
those are linked?)
4. I have a 3 year old and a hubby that endure the chaos that surrounds my design ideas.
(Why not have a bathroom vanity in the bedroom?)
5. I have a bathroom vanity in our bedroom. This was intended for the bathroom down the
hall that never got renovated. That was 8 years ago. And no the plumbing isn’t hooked
up. 🙂
6. Labelling is my jam. If I can figure out a way to include labels into my design, I will.
7. I heart bins. If there is aisle of bins in a store, chances are you’ll find me there.
8. I hate painting.
9. I’m addicted to design magazines. If you’re thinking of one right now, chances are I have
a subscription to it.
10. I hope you’ll enjoy this collaboration!

Design Inside The Box FACEBOOK // Design Inside the Box INSTAGRAM // Design Inside The Box PINTEREST

Jane & Sonja of Sustain My Craft Habit

Jane and Sonja are sisters, moms and lifelong craft addicts both living near Toronto, Canada with their families. They share their love of creativity, nature and coastal craft and DIY ideas on their blog Sustain My Craft Habit.

They take any excuse to make things: whether it’s to make a card for a wedding we’re going to, crochet a scarf for a friend’s birthday, bake some cookies to share at the office or start a blog to legitimize a crafting habit, they jump at any the opportunity to express our desire to create. They love the entire process of creating, from planning what to make, the process of doing it as well as the end-product. This is their vice in life – some people would prefer to spend their time shopping, or golfing or travelling. Jane & Sonja’s preferred pastime is MAKING BEAUTIFUL THINGS.

Sustain My Craft Habit FACEBOOK // Sustain My Craft Habit INSTAGRAM // Sustain My Craft Habit PINTEREST


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