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My Top Five Power Tools for the DIYer {VIDEO}

Oh my goodness! I did it! It was a huge goal of mine to FINALLY start a YouTube series and… here ya go! You can check out my channel and subscribe here…because I think I’ve gotten out of my own way and will actually be able to produce videos on a regular basis now.  Today, I’m starting off easy with one of the questions I am asked most often and that is “What are your favorite and must have power tools?”

So this whole YouTube thing REALLY makes me nervous… I’m a RADIO girl at heart (even though I used to work in TV)…so the whole ‘camera’ thing still gets me a bit. HOWEVER, if you head to my channel you’ll see that I have three videos up there already – one styling tutorial and a quick DIY craft project along with this power tool post. It is one of my biggest goals to get better at shooting these videos and to add them into my blogging arsenal. I’m also pushing to reach 100 subscribers to my channel so I can start to customize it. Seriously – I didn’t realize you couldn’t customize anything on YouTube until you had 100 people follow you… lol – Oh well! I’ll get there 😉

Check out my video below and then scroll down for links and a bit more info on my top five power tools for the DIYer


Power Drill and/or Impact Driver

This is the drill I recommend in my video. It’s great for a beginner or the skilled DIYer and comes in at a fabulous price point. I recommend buying it with the extra battery pack so you never run out of juice!

Buy this Ryobi Drill at Home Depot Canada, Home Depot (USA), Amazon.Ryobi Cordless Drill

Jig Saw

This is the jig saw I have and it’s been great for smaller project (like this one where I made picture frame mats out of plywood!) This is a great saw for a beginner and it should last you a very long time.

Buy this Makita jig saw at Home Depot Canada, Home Depot (US), AmazonMakita Jig Saw

Palm Sander

This is the best tool if you’d like to start refinishing furniture or if you plan to do any work with pallets or reclaimed wood that needs to be smoothed down before building. I like to look for a sander that is light weight and easy to hold and that has a handy dust catcher. Make sure to always wear face and eye protection when sanding!

Buy this sander at Home Depot Canada, Home Depot (US), Amazon

Makita Sander

Cordless Brad Nailer

If you watched my video, then you know how enthusiastic I am about this tool! I LOVE it (and I love how easy it made building our DIY Chevron Privacy wall this summer.) While this might seem like a ‘scary’ tool, I assure you it is not and it will make a lot of household jobs much faster, cleaner and easier.

Buy this Ryobi nailer at Home Depot Canada, Home Depot (US), AmazonRyobi Brad Nailer

Compound Mitre Saw

This saw is definitely a big step for a DIYer, but comes in handy the minute you want to cut an angle (mitre) for a picture frame, door and window trim and more. This plug-in table top saw makes fast work of multiple cuts at once and makes nice even, straight cuts too.

Buy this Ryobi Mitre saw at Home Depot Canada, Home Depot (US), AmazonRyobi Compound Mitre SawMany thanks for all the support!

Chat soon, ETop Five Power Tools for DIYers - Watch the VIDEO!

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