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Part 7 of our Deck renovation series; focusing on working with the Home Installs team.

This post is part of a branded content series with Home Hardware and Trex Decking.

We are about half way through the deck renovation process and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to my husband (or just to myself under my breath!) how happy I am that we have great contractors. 

Let me backup a little bit. 

We have worked with the Home Installs team from our local Home Hardware for the last two major renovations we’ve done – this deck project and our full blown kitchen remodel

(The kitchen renovation project was just as life changing as this deck remodel, by the way! If you want to go down that rabbit hole, you can see the kitchen before and after here). 

Over the last few years, readers and friends have asked a bunch of questions about the process and our experiences – so I figured I could answer them all here in one handy spot. 

How do you start working with Home Installs?

Well, this part is easy. 

The first time we worked with them, we went to our local Home Hardware to pick out some fixtures and gather inspiration for our backsplash. Then we simply booked an appointment with their team right there!

The Project Manager came to the house a week later to take some early measurements and get a sense of the space. 

From there, we had some phone calls, emails and so on to get the plans drafted and designed. 

Can Home Installs help with design decisions? 

Home Installs can absolutely help with design decisions!! I love renovating and home improvements, but I am not a professional designer at all. 

So it was amazing to have advice on things like finishes, measurements and even things like window sills and door frames. 

In the case of the kitchen, our Home Installs team helped us decide little things like the placement of the knobs and handles. 

For the deck project, our Project Manager helped us envision what the stairs could look like, the railing design and the wrap around step. 

What does Home Installs take care of? 

Well, the short answer here is ‘basically everything’. 

Obviously, it’s a partnership and we have input and contribute our thoughts to what we want our space to look like – but as far as the paperwork and the scheduling, the deliveries and the subcontractors (like electricians, plumbers and engineers) – Home Installs takes care of all of that. 

For the deck project, we didn’t even have to worry about the permit submissions to the city! Home Installs took care of all of that for us. They even called the city inspectors at the right point in the project to make sure we stayed on our timeline. 

The last, and likely most important, thing I’ll say about working with Home Installs is that it’s clear they take an interest in us as people. From the contractor crew to the project management, they knew we had two little kids, a silly dog and that I work from home. 

They understood why we were doing this deck project and took extra care to show us that the new deck was safe and done properly and they got excited for us when it was all complete! 

In the next post, I’m going to share a bit about the doors and windows we upgraded along with the deck and then, the finished space will be revealed!

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