Our Trex Deck is complete – Finishing Touches

Trex Deck

The finale of our Deck renovation series; how we are using our new Trex deck and the finishing touches

This post is part of a branded content series with Home Hardware and Trex Decking.

The finishing touches of any major renovation project are always my favorite. 

Being able to place furniture, pillows and plants and flowers is always an indication to me that the project is really complete and it’s time to start enjoying it!

If you’re just starting out on this renovation project series with Home Hardware and Trex, and you want to start at the beginning, here are all the posts we’ve done to get us to this point: 

When we set out to design this deck, I could see myself sitting out there with a cup of hot coffee and the kids playing in the yard, but I couldn’t really start to envision how it would all come together until the new deck materialized. 

As I watched the team build the deck back up step by step – starting with the  balcony level, then the stairs, then the under deck and finally the bottom platform with the step  – I realized our deck has four distinct zones. 

The bottom deck zones

These two zones are interchangeable, but I call them the dining and chill zones. 

This is where we have our outdoor picnic table. 

We opted for a picnic style dining set because it fits more people in a pinch. And it’s casual and simple to style. 

Originally, we thought we’d put the table on the balcony, but chose to keep it on the ground level instead. 

A huge benefit is that the table is right off my office now, so on beautiful days, I can set up outside with my laptop! 

The chill zone is where we have our outdoor couch and comfy chairs. 

This is where we tend to gather as a family on Saturday afternoons.

The kids can run between the deck and the back of the yard and I have a clear view of them no matter what. It’s the perfect perch to read a magazine or a book.

The under deck zone

This transformation is probably my favorite because I think I will be using it more than anyone else!

I’m calling this the lounge zone because it’s big enough for a long, lounger with a cushion and my yoga mats!

We added in the gazebo sparkle lighting and it’s actual magic in the evenings. 

I love how I can sit out there on my lunch breaks or even just take a minute between meetings to refresh and center myself. 

The upper deck

This space is pure fun and it gets so much use now! We dressed the upper deck with two cozy chairs and an umbrella for the bright evenings. 

I tend to sit out here first thing in the morning with my coffee and then right after supper with dessert or a cocktail. 

The sun exposure is high, so I put a few potted tropical plants and a wall hanger with some drought tolerant greenery. 

I’ve had the wall hanger for a while and was so happy to finally get to install it! 

Final thoughts on our Trex Deck Transformation 

It’s hard for me to put into words how I feel about this project because it’s been so transformative, both for our home and our family. 

I think overall my thoughts are that outdoor spaces are so important for mental health, and enjoyment and I’m so happy ours is finally complete. 

Our entire family has so much gratitude for all the hard work that went into this project and I hope we have inspired you!

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