Upgrading our Windows and Screen Doors with Home Hardware

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Part 8 of our Deck renovation series; focusing on the other key elements in our space – the windows and doors!

This post is part of a branded content series with Home Hardware and Trex Decking.

Home renovations are like dominos. One project leads to another and then another. This is how I knew our Home Hardware kitchen renovation was going to lead to our deck renovation …

And that those two projects were going to mean I needed to put some energy into our laundry room window and dining room door. 

See what I mean about dominoes? 

Let’s start with the basement laundry room window, which was in pretty bad shape. 

The frame from the outside was chipping and the window rattled badly any time we had a big wind. 

I also suspect it’s the only window in the house that was original from about 35 years ago. 

Plus, it looks out onto the ‘under deck’ area. With the old deck, the ‘under deck’ was probably the most uninviting space ever. 

It was damp, dingy and ugly and the old chipped window just added to that general feeling of disrepair. 

Right after the lower deck was installed, the Home Installs team removed the old window and cut a larger opening for a new one. 

It took about two hours and the new window is miles better! From the inside, the windowsill is a bit deeper, which is nice. (Now I can start to figure out what I want our laundry room to look like!) 

From the outside, it’s just much cleaner looking and no more rattling in the wind!

It does make me want to update the vinyl siding. Maybe next summer? 

As for the sliding door, we opted to install a new one on the upper deck into the dining room. 

As we did with my office renovation, we changed the orientation of the existing slider from a right-hand to a left-hand opening. 

Beside the fact the old door was grey, dingy and had a broken handle, the new orientation gives us more space to place furniture on the upper deck and inside the dining room. 

As far as my plans for the dining room, now that we have the new door in, I’ll paint and install some fun wallpaper as a feature wall. 

Sometimes, just a small change like moving a doorway can vastly improve the flow of a room. 

So if you’re thinking about an outdoor renovation, I’d urge you to think about the other related elements like windows and doors! 

Next, I’m going to share about the design and fun elements of our new deck as we round out this big renovation series!

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