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VIDEO: Our Para Paints Blog Crew Audition

Hi Guys! We feel a bit guilty because these last two posts have been about secrets and we don’t normally keep this many secrets from you! But we think you’re going to like this one 🙂 (And for those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we also posted a preview yesterday!)

Over the weekend, we worked on a video submission to be members of next year’s PARA Paints Blog Crew. The opportunity arose after Blog Podium and we just couldn’t resist putting our names into the hat to see what comes of it.

If we are successful, it means we’ll get to work with PARA Paints on a whole bunch of paint projects throughout the house – big, small and all things between. In short, sort of our dream come true 🙂 This is something that we never would have even thought we’d be worthy of – but our motto of late has been taken from the ever-sage Tina Fey “Just say Yes and figure it out later” category. So we plunged head first into this audition.

We planned our video over the course of the week and then our good friend (and camera whiz!!) Matt came over on Saturday and helped us shoot it. If you’re interested in seeing more of what Matt can do, check out his photography business, Fade To White.

We don’t know what will come of this. At the very least, it was a learning experience and it gives us an opportunity to share a little more about ourselves with you! It also gave us a chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over recent months and where we’d like to go next year. We have some direction now, which is phenomenal.

All we were asked to do was talk a bit about our DIY skills, our blog and then mention some of the Para Paint colours we loved and might use in our space.

So here it is! We’d love for you to share this page on your social media channels to show Para Paints that you support our bid 🙂 It’s not a vote by any means, but spreading the love never hurts.

If you like us (and you like what you see!), please remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – or feel free to leave us a comment on this post! We love the support and mostly, we love interacting with all of you.

Fingers crossed!

Oh and we’ re back tomorrow with a room reveal…. This week has become unintentionally busy! Hope you’re having a good one,

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