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Weekend Browsing at Chapters Indigo | January Edition

One of my favourite ways to wile away the hours on a cold winter day is to head out to our local bookstore. The Chapters Indigo isn’t too far from home and it’s got a Starbucks in it AND it’s right beside the hardware store. So really, it’s like the perfect afternoon outing for me 🙂

We actually did some browsing and shopping last weekend and I posted about it on Instagram and so many folks commented about how much they love to browse and shop at Chapters too! I think it’s a universal experience.

Before we went, I had already ordered my Danielle Laporte Goal Planner Guide on the Indigo website (although, it’s a bit less expensive if you buy it through Amazon! eeek!) But I really needed an actual planner for day to day tasks; an agenda or day time type thing.

I had heard that  Happy Planners were the cat’s meow. But I ended up buying a Planner because I really liked that the day parts had no lines. I’m definitely an outside of the lines kind of day timer person.  (Note- as I’m publishing this, the Ban.Do planners are 30% off and come in under $25!! Such a great deal!)

Once I had done that hard work of deciding which pretty planner to buy, we browsed through the rest of the store. I can never get enough of the cute accessories and cozy home decor items they have at Indigo. Like never get enough. I’m trying to think of a place I could put one of these agate-topped glass boxes. My new desk, perhaps? 😉

And the pencil and pen cases are just the cutest and I think the floral one would match my new planner perfectly.

Beyond that – I spied some SERIOUSLY adorable things that I’m going to add to my ‘wish list’! (Btw – the image below is clickable! So cool, right?) AND Indigo has 15% regular price stuff right now with code WELLNESS15 …so I mean, really 🙂

1 | I’m loving these farmhouse candles! I have been burning a candle at my new desk daily and it’s so soothing

2 | I noticed they have these great meditation pillows now. I actually think these are great for Moms who spend lots of time on the floor with their babies! 😉

3 | This desk planter is amazing. But I kill plants. Soooooooo… haha

4 | These cheeky onesies are hilarious. LB got a few when she was little.

5 | Everyone needs a ceramic poodle

6 | We are on the hunt for a small bluetooth turntable. I think when Dan sees this one, he’ll be on board. Bonus, it’s under $75!

7 | Eating lunch out of a bento box is just the most fun way to eat lunch. Full stop.

8 | The colour of this tea pot is so soothing!

9 | Girl Power spelled with no vowels….? So it’s a “GRL PWR PLLW CS” got it. lol

Do you love Indigo as much as I do? Let me know! Because I think I could easily do a browse and shop post once a month! 🙂

Namaste… Peace and Love… and POODLE PLANTERS!

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Saturday 3rd of February 2018

I'm with you on to wander around Chapters! We purchased the vintage-y turntable for our girl for Christmas and she absolutely loves it!


Friday 12th of January 2018

I ❤️ Exploring Chapters! I’m headed to Moncton next week and going there is on my list!


Monday 22nd of March 2021

Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it!

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