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What you can get for $50 at the thrift store | National Thrift Store Day Link Up!

Hey guys!

If you know us, you know there is one thing we both LOVE.

Thrifting. Seriously.

Did you see our latest thrift store makeover? Ya. You need to see it. And then go out and find yourself a $5 bookshelf just like it! Yay!

Today, we’re gonna be big spenders. Like BIG spenders 🙂 We headed to our local Value Village* store last Friday with $50 in cash in our pockets to spend. Our mission was to find a bunch of things that sort of worked together (or that we could ‘make’ work together) that will be part of the next big space we will tackle. (I realize this whole description is shrouded in mystery, but stick with us! ha!)

This post will essentially show you What You Can Get for $50 at The Thrift Store and we’ll give our best tips and tricks along the way.

Also, as bloggers people who are totally in love with thrifted and rescued furniture we feel it’s our sworn duty to tell you all about National Thrift Store Day that is happening this August 17th at Value Villages across Canada. 

Guys – the stores will be 50% off! That’s amazing! I’ll see you there. I’ll bring the lattes, k? 😛

First things first – you have to have an open mind. But also, when you’re thrifting search for things from a matching era or in matching tones.

Look, I found this way cool retro magazine rack and these equally as cool wooden candle sticks in two separate areas of the store – but I can see how they will work together down the line. Thrift Store Day Magazine Rack

We also often sift through the books section. I’ve picked up some great coffee table and design books and we both like grabbing the odd novel.

Thrift Store Day Erin Book

Thrift Store Day Dan Book

Clearly Dan isn’t into vampire love stories. Hahahaha!

Moving on, we never leave the thrift store without checking the blankets and textiles. You can often find a gem in there for next to nothing. Check out our post about how to clean thrifted feather down pillows!

Thrift Store Day Erin Blankets

I was thrilled to find these pant hangers for 69 cents each! Thrift stores are the perfect place to save money on closet basics like these. Although, I don’t actually intend to use these as hangers 🙂 Thrift Store Day Hangers When you get to the furniture section, your best bet is to take a couple of passes. More times than not *something* will present itself to you. Like this wooden desk did to Dan. Thrift Store Day Dan Desk

We checked it out for irreparable damage and scoped it out to make sure all the drawers worked. Then we assessed the energy that will be required to fix it up and decided it was a winner! The top is all glossy and kinda weird, but after some investigation, we realized it actually pops off. So the top will be completely replaced. What should we replace it with? Any ideas?

Then – just as we were heading to the cash register, we walked by the wall of art and Dan spotted this original piece. It’s a painting of the CN Tower in my home town of Toronto! I loved the colours and the gold frame… Sold! (Also, I forgot to snap a photo in the store, so clearly this is a shot of it once it was home and in our studio)Thrift Store Art

All told we brought home:

  • a solid wood desk
  • a wicked cool magazine rack
  • two wooden pant hangers (that will be repurposed)
  • an original piece of art
  • two cool wooden candle sticksThrift Store Everything We Got

And our total bill? $46. Holla!

The plan is to now fix up all these pieces and do a future post on how they all work together in our new (still secret) next room we tackle.

Happy thrifting!

Don’t forget it’s 50% off on Monday!! Amazing! For more ‘Thriftspiration’ you can follow Value Village on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! Remember to use the Hashtag #ThriftShopDay when you post your fabulous pics all over the inter webs 😀

But wait – there’s more! These other three fabulous lady bloggers are ALSO taking part in National Thrift Store Day! Hop over to see

They ALL also went on thrift store adventures 😀


*This post was sponsored by our friends at Value Village and we have been compensated for our thrifting and blogging today. This in no way, however, changes how much we love thrifting or influenced our purchasing choices 🙂

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[email protected]

Friday 14th of August 2015

Wow that's an incredible score! Nothing beats a great thrift store find, and it looks like you have a few fun future projects in your haul!

Amy | Canary Street Crafts

Friday 14th of August 2015

Great finds! I especially love Dan's taste in reading material, haha! And I totally agree with your tip to do a second pass. Something always catches my eye the second time around that I completely missed on the first round!

Marci Simonini

Friday 14th of August 2015

Amazing finds! $50 to spend at Value Village is like winning the lottery. Its the equivalent to $500 at other stores. I love the thrill of the hunt! Looking forward to see what you decide to do with the desk, its pretty amazing as is.


Friday 14th of August 2015

So many great finds! Those hangers are the best and are perfect for hanging art! Can't wait to see what you do with everything :)

Virginia Fynes

Friday 14th of August 2015

AWESOME finds! Can't wait to see them all come together!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.